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:: Small group Arabic immersion in Rabat Morocco

:: US Air Force student attending our Hungarian immersion in Budapest



"Homestay Accommodation: Overall, the home stay was an excellent find, my room was similar to the pictures in the Pre-Departure document; wireless internet & access to a bicycle were great! The 2 meals per day were deliciously prepared, cooked, and served. The host family was friendly and invited me to weekly social club meetings, intramural soccer games, and bicycle rides.

Vietnamese Teaching: The tutors met the criteria of my Language Proficiency Questionnaire [proficient in Vietnamese, able to communicate in English, understanding, a good listener, and a positive attitude]. The tutors also met the weekly 20 hours of Vietnamese lessons, each lesson did not feel rushed and the tutors stayed until the lesson is completed even if it means going over the scheduled time. Both were flexible with their schedules and tailored the lessons to my language level.

Cultural program: I liked the weekly field trips, I got to visit famous Hanoi landmarks and practice my Vietnamese.

Final Impression: I am grateful for the opportunity to travel to Hanoi and to learn Vietnamese. The experience was more than what I expected. I arrived to Hanoi expecting to learn about the current Vietnamese culture. What I did not expect was to learn about the French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, and Australian cultures. My homestay hosted guests from all over the world and it provided opportunities for me to interact with people from other countries. I am worldlier now as a person and my DLPT improved because of this program."
A.T. USAF Senior Officer

Message prompted by an in-country emergency :
"In all seriousness, we deeply appreciate the level of support you provided to Lt R and directly to SB this weekend.

As we reported to our colonel this morning, you guys gave SB the same kind of care he would have received from a military chain, and we couldn't ask for anything more."
USAF Senior Officer

"The Instructors at the school were outstanding. They are very professional and know the teaching methods necessary to lead a class with students coming from all over the world.

On our first day, we received an orientation tour of the city just so we knew where to go. On the first Wednesday of the Program, we were given a guided visit to the Aquitaine.

Regional History Museum, which lasted around two hours. Finally on the final Thursday of the Program, we participated in a guided tour of the city, with a focus on the historical and cultural aspects of the city and the region."
US Army Officer

"My language/immersion program was a very positive experience, my language instruction provided was very well organized and my teacher was very skilled and professional, over all the experience was very good.

Changing my arrival date to arrive in time for the Dubai air show and getting all coordination done prior to my arrival was key to making the part of my immersion a success. Thank you!"
USAF Officer

"Everything went very well, and our group had a great experience. It was a great success and I will definitely be back in touch next year if funding permits another language course."
Major, National Guard

"First of all I'd like to thank you and your staff for being such professionals. The language program you designed for me was truly exceptional and my professor was amazing to say the least. The entire staff made me feel welcomed and at ease thus making it the perfect learning environment.

As an International Health Specialist, I would recommend your program to my superiors and peers."
Mouhamed G.

"My tailor-made language training & immersion program in Ecuador was a fantastic experience both from a personal, as well as a business point of view.

From the start, the communication with your staff was flawless. The pre-departure information was received in a timely fashion and when I arrived in Quito all was ready. It simply could not have been improved on.

The language center was located about 20 minutes from the host family's house. All of my expectations were exceeded and then some.

The services provided could not have been better. My host family spoiled me to the extent that I did not want to leave. The only negative, I gained a bit of weight!! The food was that good as was the conversation. The school staff was excellent and I can't say enough good things about them.

This was an absolutely perfect way to learn another language and experience another culture."
Annika K
CEO, KAI Group

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We specialize in language training, regional expertise and cultural immersion WORLDWIDE


LAA (Language Acquisition Abroad) is a leading and experienced provider of CONUS & OCONUS services and tailor made programs to US Government Departments and Agencies.

With over 25 years of experience, we have provided thousands of successful short-term and long-term language and cultural immersions, cross cultural awareness programs, strategic engagements; unique tailor made missions, operational and training support in 130 countries in 90 languages.

We offer a variety of services and each immersion or mission abroad is uniquely designed and tailor made to our client's unique goals and objectives.

We have the proven ability and expertise in providing logistical support services to our clients, in any country, WORLDWIDE.

We provide our unique services to the following government departments and agencies, including:

  • US Department of Defense (DOD)
  • US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • US Department of State (DOS)
  • US Intelligence Community & Agencies
  • US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
  • US Secretary of the Air Force/International Affairs (SAF/IA)
  • US Central Command (USCENTCOM)
  • UN
  • NATO

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We provide culturally based, vetted immersion programs with the right combination of language skills, regional expertise and cultural capabilities. Our programs are cost effective, custom tailored to your requirements or mission for groups or individuals.

It's extremely difficult to know what life is really like in a country or a region whose culture one has never experienced directly. These days, it's very easy to have the illusion of knowing what it will be like from images furnished by the internet, media, books and people's comments.

Our OCONUS immersion programs are designed to help you fully understand the culture, religion, traditions, history, political climate, economics, belief and values of the region or target country.

Your time in-country, is a wonderful way of enriching your language skills and cultural knowledge. You will learn a tremendous amount from just living and learning in a new social and cultural environment, meeting the locals and experiencing life first hand...knowing you have the security, support and experience of our professional team behind you.

For a list of our current OCONUS immersion programs:

Click To Open - OCONUS immersion programs worldwide (by Language, 2019)


> Language training / instruction (military installations worldwide)

> Translation / Interpreters

> Regional or country orientations

> Strategic engagements & logistical support

> Professional multilingual staffing, vetting & in-country security services

Working together with our professional in-country staff and partners throughout the world, LAA can meet any requirement, under virtually any circumstances, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

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